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Welcome to the Alte Roemer shop, where you will find authentic artefacts covering the time span from Bronze Age to Late Antiquity. Refine your search to ancient Roman, Greek, Egyptian or other antiquities using the navigation menu on the left, or just browse our full selection. An own section of our shop is dedicated to ancient numismatics with focus on Roman and Greek coins. Please do not hesitate to contact us any time via email or using our contact form. Correspondence is welcome in English, German, Italian, French, Russian or Japanese.

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  1. Buy Moche erotic pottery
    Moche erotic pottery

    Exceptional depiction of figures on a raft having intercourse. From the golden age of the Moche civilization.

  2. Buy Nazca Vessel
    Vessel of the Nazca culture

    Magnificent pottery of the Nazca with polychrome paint. It shows two condors. This piece comes with a copy of a TL report from 1984.

  3. Buy Moche Stirrup vessel
    Stirrup vessel of a shaman

    Beautiful vessel from the golden age of the Moche culture. It shows a blind Shaman with a rattle in his hand. 200 to 400 AD, including TL analysis.

  4. Buy Colima clay sculpture
    Sculpture of a man from Colima

    A fine example of the peculiar art and famous pottery from Colima on the west coast of today's Mexico. 200 BC to 400 AD, including TL test.

  5. Buy Mochican stirrup vessel
    Mochican stirrup vessel with museum provenance

    Elegant vessel of the late Moche culture. Wonderful geometrical decoration in near perfect condition.


5 Items

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