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Welcome to the Alte Roemer shop, where you will find authentic artefacts covering the time span from Bronze Age to Late Antiquity. Refine your search to ancient Roman, Greek, Egyptian or other antiquities using the navigation menu on the left, or just browse our full selection. An own section of our shop is dedicated to ancient numismatics with focus on Roman and Greek coins. Please do not hesitate to contact us any time via email or using our contact form. Correspondence is welcome in English, German, Italian, French, Russian or Japanese.

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  1. Buy a Commodus Denarius - Roma on shield
    Commodus Denarius - Roma on shield

    Rome mint, 180 - 181 A.D. The reverse shows Roma seated left, holding Victory and spear.

  2. Buy 8 Reales, also known as cob coin, piece of eight or pirate money
    8 Reales, also known as cob coin, piece of eight or pirate money

    Potosi, Bolivia. Very fine, nice quality and preservation for a cob coin.

  3. Extremely fine Diocletian argenteus
    Extremely fine Diocletian argenteus

    Absolutely extremely fine, uncirculated. The RIC states the rarity with R2. In the Occident, Diocletian is (in)famous for the last and largest persecution of Christianity.

  4. Extremely fine Marc Antony Denarius - LEG XI
    Extremely fine Marc Antony Denarius - LEG XI

    Beautiful dark patina. Commemorating the Legio XI formed by M. Anton, while a Legio XI Actiaca fought in the Actium campaign serving Octavian.

  5. Buy clay impressions of Roman seals
    Clay impressions of Roman seals

    The ancient impressions in clay are from papyrus documents issued and sealed in Roman times. A fantastic testimonial to Roman bureaucracy.

  6. Buy ancient artefacts
    Six ancient artefacts and one modern cast

    Interesting group of objects from the Professor Brosch collection of ancient gems. It has two intaglios, one cameo, two glass decorations, a lead bulla and a modern cast of a quality ancient gem.

  7. Very fine Claudius sestertius with beautiful patina
    Very fine Claudius sestertius with beautiful patina

    Ex private collection, acquired 1981 from the collection of Günther Schlüter, who was the president of the German Numismatic Society in Berlin in 1975-1977.

  8. Marcus Iunius Brutus Denarius
    Perfect Marcus Iunius Brutus Denarius

    Extremely fine attractive piece with beautiful patina.

  9. Buy roman intaglio of Jupiter
    Roman intaglio with Jupiter

    The highest Roman god is sitting on a throne, leaning on the sceptre. Victoria is on his right hand. Clear glass imitating rock crystal.

  10. Intaglio from the time of the Roman Republic
    Roman intaglio from republican times

    The divine messenger and protector of the trades Hermes is engraved in violet glass. He is shown naked in his youth, resting on a rock. The hand holding the kerykeion is lowered.

  11. Römisches Intaglio
    Roman Intaglio with male bust

    The glass paste shows a young man with petasos. Possibly a representation of the god Mercurius.

  12. Römisches Intaglio mit Zeus-Amun kaufen
    Roman intaglio with two facing heads

    It shows Zeus Ammon facing another head. This is a highly interesting specimen for Roman intaglios.

  13. Domitian Aureus - Cornucopia
    Perfectly centered Domitian aureus

    Reverse showing cornucopiae, in field COS IIII. Almost extremely fine, Rome 76-77 AD

  14. Media Label
    Aureus minted by Claudius for his mother, Antonia

    Posthume Prägung, welche die Kaiserin als Constantia mit Stabfackel und Cornucopiae zeigt. Auf dem Avers Portrait der Antonia.

  15. Sextus Pompeius Magnus - Rare denarius
    Sextus Pompeius Magnus - Rare denarius

    Mit Portrait Pompeius des Großen. Der Revers zeigt eine Neptunstatue als Symbol der Seeherrschaft des S.P., sowie die Sage von den katanäischen Brüdern. Schöne Patina.

  16. Media Label
    Extremely fine Antoninus Pius aureus - Victoria

    Victoria schreitet n. l., hält in der ausgestreckten Rechten Kranz und in der Linken Zweig. Vorzügliches Stück mit sehr eindrucksvollem Portrait.


16 Items

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