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Welcome to the Alte Roemer shop, where you will find authentic artefacts covering the time span from Bronze Age to Late Antiquity. Refine your search to ancient Roman, Greek, Egyptian or other antiquities using the navigation menu on the left, or just browse our full selection. An own section of our shop is dedicated to ancient numismatics with focus on Roman and Greek coins. Please do not hesitate to contact us any time via email or using our contact form. Correspondence is welcome in English, German, Italian, French, Russian or Japanese.

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  1. Roman marble Isis statue - ex Christie's New York
    Roman marble Isis statue - ex Christie's New York

    The surface is excellently preserved. The knot above the breast clearly identifies the statue as Isis. Acquired in 1975 at Galerie Carrefour, Pierre Vérité, Paris. Coming with an Art Loss certificate.

  2. Egyptian Alabaster Shabti
    Large Egyptian Shabti made of Alabaster

    Stunning funerary statuette from the 19th dynasty of Ancient Egypt. Marvelous provenance and publications in numerous catalogues.

  3. Buy Elamite cylinder seal
    Elamite cylinder seal for Shuk-Kuku

    Fantastic seal carved out of amethyst. It shows his owner Shuk-Kuku with the goddess Ninsianna. Five columns of Elamite cuneiform inscription frame the scene.

  4. Ägyptischen Skarabäus mit Lebensschleife kaufen
    Egyptian tomb relief from Memphis

    The flat relief shows an offering scene and above a hieroglyphic text describing the deceased Ptah-nefer, the priest and the offerings. A translation has been made by the renowned Egyptologist professor Kurth. The work of art dates to the 26th dynasty. It is adopting the style of the Old Kingdom.

  5. Base of a Jupiter Column
    Base of a Jupiter Column

    Repeatedly published base of a Jupiter Column from the Roman province Germania superior. Mid 2nd century AD to mid 3rd century AD. With extensive provenance going back to the 17th century.


5 Items

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