Ancient ladle with donkey head terminal

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Object: Ancient ladle with donkey head terminal

Material: Bronze.

Period: 5th cent. BC to 4th cent. BC.
Greek or Etruscan.
Ladles of this type played an important role in both cultures and were later adopted by the Romans with only slight changes.

Description:    Elegant long ladle with a circular deep bowl and a long band-shaped handle. The upper part of the handle tapers and turns into a round rod. It runs in an almost complete semicircle and ends as a stylized donkey head. There are two decorative knobs on the rim of the scoop.
Ladles of this type are sometimes referred to as simpulum in literature. The name Kyathos is also used in connection with these ladles, the ceramic type of the same name goes back to these bronze ladles. The donkey head decoration is quite rare, a bird's head terminal is the more common type of decoration.

Dimensions: 21.3cm long.

Condition: Almost perfect condition. Presumably once cleaned and repatinated over the centuries in collections. Lable on the underside with inscription "No. 000842 v. Bassermann-Jordan Deidesheim".

Provenance: Acquired at a German auction house in 2021. Previously in the German private collection G. Hauck. Acquired in 2002 from the former collection of viniculture historian Friedrich von Bassermann-Jordan (1872-1959) located in Germany.

References: Similar to the bird head specimen at Metropolitan Museum of Art, acc. no. 21.88.130 und 08.258.54.
For another piece with donkey head on the art market cf. Christie’s, South Kensington, London, sale 7952 of 8th April, 1998, part of lot 326 (sold for GBP 1,380.-, with a late Roman attribution), then with Alexander Ancient Art, stock number C0785.

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