Vacation in May 2022

Dear valued customers, we will be on vacation and our gallery will be closed from May 18th to June 1st. Shipping will take place during this time. We are looking forward to talkting to you again after that period.

Vessel of the Linear Pottery culture

Everything changed with the Linear Pottery culture. They were the first real peasants of Central Europe. That cultural shock is at the root of civilization and believed to be reflected in the bible, where Cain murders Abel. The farmer defeats the nomad. But the Neolithic Revolution also left more tangible traces. Some of the earliest pottery survived the ages, and it is a very special moment to have this well-preserved vessel from the earliest farmers in your hands.

Buy Neolithic pottery of the Linear Pottery culture

Ancient art daily

Dear valued customers,

dear friends of ancient art,

We from the Alte Roemer Gallery team wish you and your families a happy, healthy and successful new year!

It probably will sound familiar: the beginning of the winter season is hardly noticed, the days are flying by and when we realize that Christmas is approaching we are surprised how fast the last year has passed. But as soon as the holiday season is over, everything changes. The short days and long evenings seem to crawl and spring seems to be incredibly far away. To "sweeten" this time, giving you something to really look forward to every day, we have come up with a very special present:

Starting today and until Easter, every evening at 8:15 pm German time you will find in our online gallery a newly added ancient artefact. Beautiful black and red figure Greek vases, polychrome Apulian pottery, sculptures made from stone and terra cotta, ancient bronze weapons, Roman glass, treasures from the Ancient Near East and many more will await you. Just visit our gallery and let it be a surprise which treasure you will discover.

Last but not least: if you wonder why you do not find any new object, it is probably already sold and is listed in our archive. So do not wait too long...

Limited online shop functions

Dear valued customers, the checkout functionality of our online shop is currently not available. Orders cannot be sent via online shop. To place an order please contact us via email, contact form or phone. We are currently working on a solution and are hoping for your understanding and patience.

A journey around the Mediterranean

We will take you on a cultural journey to Bronze Age and Classical Antiquity. Numerous artefacts have been added to our online shop during the last days. Egypt, Rome, Greece and Persia. Religion and cult, as well as objects of daily use. Dive with us into the early civilizations and great empires of the ancient world.

Ancient art with outstanding provenance

Dear friends of ancient art, during the last weeks we could include objects with very special provenance in our online gallery. A lekythos from the Toledo museum with more than 100 years of collecting history, a Serapis bust from the collection of Egyptologist Joachim Menant. Also a group of Western Asiatic seals with scientific notes by Professor Mayer-Opificius. Expect many more antiquities, whose recent past is just as stunning as the period they originate from.