Benjiro - Antiquities Shiba

Even though Benji, a Shiba Inu from exotic Japan, is merely three months young, he already became a true antiquities explorer. You could read this in his eyes as he was looking at an Apulian Krater (which actually is larger than him) for the first time in his life - love at the first glance. And with such a sensitive nose as his, he can of course tell the real ancient objects from even the best imitation. Below, you see his most popular object at the moment, a Roman oil lamp with Christian symbols.

PS: If you are now concerned for our mental health in Covid19 times, this post is of course rather meant to make you smile. Of couse Benjiro doesn't get access to any fragile ancient object, with the exception of this photo session which he truly enjoyed.

Benjiro und seine erste Öllampe