Marc Antony legionary Denarius from Wishanger hoard

Object number
Coined by: Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius)

Lived: 89 - 30 B.C.

Value: Denarius

Material: Silver

Details: Diameter: 15 mm
Military mint moving with Antony (Patrae?), 32 - 31 B.C.

Obverse: [ANT AVG III V]IR R P C
Galley r. with scepter tied with fillet on prow

Reverse: Completely worn, originally aquila between two standards

Condition See picture.
The coins from the Wishanger hoard are a very impressive direct proof for the partially extremely long circulation of Roman republican and early imperial coins.

References: See e.g. Crawford 544/20

In March 2021, a metal detectorist found a small Roman treasure in Wishanger, East Hampshire. Over an area of some 7 to 10 meters, there were dispersed 38 Roman denarii, 10 sestertii, a fibula and pottery sherds. The find was reported under the Portable Antiquities Scheme as well as under the Treasure Act, and thereafter returned to the finder.
The find includes coins from three distinct periods: 22 denarii of the Republic and early Empire, 16 denarii of the immediate post Civil War period from 69-102 A.D. and 11 post 150 A.D. bronzes.
It is well known that coins of the Republic and early Empire circulated for very long periods and they were treasured for their reliable and good silver content. The coins from the Wishanger hoard are a very impressive proof, since the denarii in this find are spanning a period from around 138 B.C. to 102 A.D. Most likely, the denarii represent the savings of a householder occupying a small rural homestead. The 10 bronze sestertii are not likely to have been connected with the denarii, being from a substantially later period and all show severe circulation wear, such that they were losses from a later period.
The treasure consisted of the following coins:
Repubican moneyers: 9x
Julius Caesar: 2x
Gnaeus Pompeius: 1x
Marcus Antonius: 5x
Octavian/Augustus: 4x
Tiberius: 1x
Vespasian: 6x
Titus: 4x
Flavian, uncertain: 1x
Domitian: 1x
Nerva: 2x
Trajan: 2x
Sestertii: Faustina II. (1x), Lucius Verus or Marcus Aurelius (1x), Lucilla (1x), unidentifiable (7x)

Provenance: Acquired 2022 at a British auction house. Found March 16, 2022, in Wishanger, East Hampshire, UK. The find was reported by the finder to the authorities and registered at the Portable Antiquities Scheme under the reference SUR-1B6543, and reported under the the Treasure Act, reference 2021 T163 registriert. An export permit was issued by the British authorities.

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