Body of a seated clay figure with monkey

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Object:       Body of a seated clay figure

Material: Red clay

Date: 3rd - 1st century BC
Hellenistic epoch

Description:    Front from a die, back smooth. The figure is bare except for a coat, which is placed over the shoulders and falls to the floor on the side of the body. Monkey on a rope seated at feet, right hand holding the rope.

Size: Height 44 mm, width 35 mm

Condition: Fragment of a figure. Head broken and missing, lower part with feet broken and glued. The fragment itself is in excellent condition. With label "04.X.2" from Davies Antiques gallery.

Reference: See Antike Terrakoten. Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Kassel, 1977. Nr. 74.

Provenance: Acquired 2017 from the German private collection M. Voos, inherited in this from the German private collection H. Herbst. Acquired 1976 - 1978 for the Herbst collection at Davies Antiques Gallery, London.

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