Egyptian alabaster vessel

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Object: Egyptian alabaster vessel

Material: Egyptian alabaster, calcite type.

Period: Late Middle Kingdom to early New Kingdom,
12th to 18th dynasty,
approx. 1994 BC to 1292 BC.

Description:    Large container, for this type of vessel. The piece has a bulbous body and an elegant neck. The bottom of the vessel is worked as a flat base, the short neck is slightly tapered, almost cylindrical and runs vertically. Then it widens horizontally to form a wide rim. It is a thin-walled and very skilfully crafted high-quality specimen.

Background: The ancient Egyptian stone vessels are made to last. They are the perfect equipment for the afterlife. It is therefore no coincidence that the technology for working very hard and durable rock was developed in predynastic Egypt. The art was perfected over time and stone vessels were not only manufactured for the domestic market, but soon established themselves as sought-after export goods for the entire Eastern Mediterranean.
Due to their timeless elegance, the stone vessels are extremely popular to this day and never miss in any important collection of Egyptian antiquities.

Dimensions: 13.4cm height. 13.8cm diameter.

Condition: Near perfect condition. Slight repair and restoration with bevelled edge. Body otherwise complete and intact. The thin-walled stone, which is of outstanding quality, elegantly allows light to shine through.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2022 from Thorsden Schloessner, Germany. To him from the German family collection Stuettgen. Acquired for the family by Walter Stuettgen, Aachen, Germany, at the beginning of the 1950s.
This object has been searched for in the database of Art Loss, comprising more than 500.000 objects claimed stolen or lost. It also integrates the databases of Interpol and FBI. An Art Loss certificate comes with this artefact.

References: Cf. C. Lilyquist, Egyptian Stone Vessels (1995), p. 102, fig. 84 left, catalogue no. 78.

Literature: A commendable collection of articles about ancient Egyptian stone vessels can be found in C. E. Loeben, Aegyptiaca Kestneriana, volume 1 (2020).

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