Islamic glass flask

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Object: Islamic glass flask

Material: Clear, reddish brown glass with an iridescent patina in places.

Period: Approx. 11th to 12th century AD.
Golden Age of Islam.

Description:    Bulbous glass flask with a long, cylindrical neck. The bottom is dented inwards so that it forms a standing surface. Just before the lip there is a thickening around the neck that curves outwards. In the middle of the neck is a short piece of thick glass thread. At the bottom of the neck is another thread going almost completely around the neck. Presumably it was once a spiral-like applied decoration.
It is a glass from the Middle East. With the collection, today's Syria has been handed down as the place of manufacture. From the style alone other regions could be considered, for example Iran.

Dimensions: 17.5 cm height. 9.0 cm diameter.

Condition: Body restored from fragments with a few missing pieces. The neck is preserved in one piece, most of the applied thread decoration is missing on the outside. Great patina. Overall very nice impression. Modern sticker with inscription "10" on the bottom.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2022 in the Swiss art trade. Previously in the Swiss collection of Franco and Franca Bernasconi, Lugano. Acquired at Sotheby's London in the 1992 Islamic Art auction, p. 9. Possibly a find from Syria.

References: Cf. Y. Israeli, Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum, p. 360, no. 487.

Literature: D. Whitehouse, Islamic Glass in The Corning Museum of Glass, Volume One.

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