Luristan bronze dagger with tang

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Object: Luristan dagger with tang

Material: Bronze.

Period: 2000 BC to 1600 BC.
Middle Bronze Age.

Description:    Double-edged blade of a short dagger, slightly curved and tapering to the front. It is reinforced with a medial ridge along each side. An integral tang is at the back.

Dimensions: 20.7cm long.

Condition: Very good condition. Some old or recent damage to the edges, body otherwise fully intact and covered with an attractive green patina.

Provenance: Acquired by us on the German art market in 2022. Previously in the German Pladeck family collection. Acquired into the collection in the 1960s or earlier, presumably from the art trade.

References: Cf. G. Zahlhaas, Luristan, Antike Bronzen aus dem Iran, p. 24, cat. no. 23.
Cf. W. Meier-Arendt, Archäologische Reihe 4, Bronze und Keramik aus Luristan, p. 16, no. 3. The blade shape is almost identical to the short sword no. 67 on p. 63.

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