Neolithic axe head

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Object: Neolithic axe head

Material: Dark grey flint.

Period: Circa 2500 BC until 1500 BC.
New Stone Age.

Description:    Neolithic axe head from Northern or Central Europe. The tool has the shape of a trapezoidal wedge and is finely polished on all four sides. It is typologically a thick butted axe with a thin blade.
The stone blade was once mounted and used as an axe. Some old chips indicate its practical use.

Background:    The axe heads of the Neolithic in northern Europe are usually classified by their shape. The first systematic typology of Neolithic axes comes from the famous Danish archaeologist Sophus Müller (Ordning af Danmarks Oldsager, 1888). Today it is common to differentiate between sharp, thin and thick butted axes, chronologically in this order. At the transition to the Bronze Age, axes with broad blades appear, imitating the first bronze axe blades. In the archaeological field work, the types mentioned above are often diversified into further subtypes.
The find contexts for axes from the Neolithic are manifold, ranging from large hoards as votive offerings or in burials, via tools for practical use, to discarded blades from settlements. Axes from Northern Europe were mostly made of rocks such as flint, metamorphites or silica geodes.

Dimensions: 14.5cm long. 6.2cm wide at the tip of the blade, 3.2 wide at the neck, 1.3cm thick at the neck.

Condition: Magnificent specimen. Complete and intact apart from a few probably Stone Age chips and one larger chip to the blade tip.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2022 on the German art market. Previously in the German private collection Pladeck. Acquired into the collection in the 1960s or earlier.

Referenzen: Cf. Petersen, Flint fra Danmarks oldtid, p. 117, no. 182.

Literatur: A comprehensive overview of the North European Neolithic period is found in the old but still usable standard work by P. V. Glob, Danske Oldsager II, Yngre Stenalder.

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