Roman lentoid glass flask

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Object: Small Roman lentoid glass flask

Material: Pale blue transparent glass.

Period: Circa 3rd cent. AD to 4th cent. AD.
Late Roman Imperial period.

Description:    Small glass flask with flat discoid or lentoid body. Attached very long tapered neck. The end is cut revealing a clear edged rim rather than a lip.
The type of flask is sometimes referred to as pilgrim's flask. It is certainly a product of a Roman glass factory in the Eastern Mediterranean. Because of the history of the Sasson family collection in can be deduced that the piece was probably made in or at least used in the Roman province of Judaea.

Dimensions: 13.1cm height. 5.1cm diameter.

Condition: Perfect condition. The large body of thin walled glass is complete and intact. The surface is covered with an attractive iridescent find patina. The neck was cut already in antiquity during production, with the clear cut still visible.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2022 from R. Deutsch, Israel. Exported under Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) permit no. 50984. Previously in the Israeli family collection of art dealer Gideon Sasson. Incorporated into the collection in 1925.

References: Similar Metropolitan Museum of Art, acc. no. 74.51.68.

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