Cypriot black-on-red Lekythos

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Object: Lekythos

Material: Red clay with dark red slip and black painting

Date: 7th - 6th century B.C.
Archaic period of ancient Cyprus, so-called black-on-red ware

Description:    Globular jug with small discus-shaped base, a ridge on the high thin neck, a flat discus-shaped mouth and one handle.
Decorated with black bands, concentric circles on the shoulder, black lines on neck and mouths.

Size: Height 85 mm, diameter 56 mm

Condition: Small fragment missing at mouth, otherwise undamaged. Only minor wear, painting very well preserved. Collection number "4" written with pencil on base.

Reference: Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, London, British Museum 2, IICC.14, Pl. 16.23; 32; 41; 48;
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Leipzig, Archäologisches Institut der Karl-Marx-Universität 1, Pl. 11.3-4 Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Ostschweiz Ticino 1, Pl. 39.1-6

Provenance: Acquired 2020 from a German private collection. Inherited in this from the collection of the German artist Lotti Huber, who received this lekythos together with other objects as a gift from her husband Alec Kingaby in the 1950s during their stay on Cyprus. Mr. Kingaby has found the objects during an excavation on Cyprus. Ms. Huber took the objects to London in 1960, and 1965 to Berlin as she moved to Germany. The objects have been in Germany since 1965.

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