Cypriot bowl

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The bowl is painted with circles and a spiral. Cypro-Archaic period.
Object: Cypriot bowl

Material: Beige pottery with brown and red paint.

Period: Approx. 750 BC to 600 BC,

Description:    Bowl or dish with flat base and two handles at oposing sides (one missing). The outside is decorated by a painted concentric circle, the inside is decorated by multiple concentric circles and a central spiral, the rim is accentuated by paint.

Dimensions: 15.8cm diameter without handle. 5.9cm height.

Condition: One handle broken off and missing. Approx. 10cm along the rim remodeled and added at that position. The rest of the bowl restored from original material. Remains of the original paint.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2018 on the British art market. Previously in the collection of D. Read. Acquired into the collection between 1966 and 1969.

References: Similar British Museum, 1880,0710.13.
Cf. Tsirides Foundation, Bowl of Black-on-Red II, A=160.

Literature: A broad but compact overview on Cypriot art is given by V. Karageorghis in Treasures in the Cyprus Museum.
Especially in regard to Cypriot pottery we recommend the comprehensive catalogue of the famous Cesnola collection, V. Karageorghis, Ancient Art from Cyprus, The Cesnola Collection in The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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