Decorated italo-geometric bowl

Object number
Object:       High bowl

Material: Pale clay with black slip

Date: About 6th - 4th century B.C.

Description:    Massive bowl with ring-shaped base. Five segments of the lip-less rim are cut, thus forming five thin horizontal handles.
Decorated inside and outside with concentric circles, short parallel lines on the handles.
Very unusual shape, probably imitation of bronze vessels with their attached handles. High quality. Possibly local italiote imitation of corinthian or cypriot ware.

Size: Diameter 180 mm, height 53 mm.

Condition: Perfectly preserved incl. the original slip. Nice patina. Two antique suspension bore holes.

References: For similar thin horizontal handles (however only four), see::
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Copenhagen, National Museum 2, Pl. 96.6 (etrusco-corinthian)
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Tübingen, Antikensammlung des Archäologischen Instituts der Universität 6, Pl. 20.2-3 (Bucchero)

Provenance: Acquired 2017 from the German private collection M. Voos, inherited in this from the German private collection H. Herbst. Acquired for the Herbst collection in 1976 - 1978 at a London gallery, probably Davies Antiques Gallery.

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