Disc-headed pin from Luristan

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Object: Disc-headed pin from Luristan

Material: Bronze.

Period: 9th century BC to 8th century BC.
Iron Age II of Luristan.

Description:    The long pin has a dominant discoid head made of an oval plate. One side of the plate is covered by concentrical embossed and incised decorations.

Background: Disc-headed pins are a highlight of Luristan art in bronze. Their style is quite unique and they were used during Iron Age I and II either as needles or brooches. After that period they disappeared and were replaced by fibulae.
The impressive pin with discoid head offered here is representative of its kind and demonstrates the uniqueness of Luristan bronze work and art.

Dimensions: 22.2cm long, 7.9cm wide at the head.

Condition: Near perfect condition. Only small chips and slightly bent at the head. Otherwise fully intact with well visible decorations and a beautiful patina.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2017 on the German art market. Previously in the German private collection T. Lau since at least 1978.

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