Egyptian bronze figurine of Horus the Child

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Amulet of the child god in half-seated position. In Egyptian mythology his mother protected him by powerful spells. This protection should be extended to the wearer.
Object: Bronze figurine of reclining Horus the Child

Material: Bronze. Casted.

Period: Late Period of ancient Egypt.
26th to 31st dynasty,
664 BC to 332 BC.

Description:    Small figurine of Horus the Child in curious half-seated half-standing position. The child god is depicted with thick sidelock on the right side of his head and his right finger raised to the mouth.
In Egyptian mythology the infant Horus was protected by his mother Isis by powerful spells against his enemies. This figurine has a loop on its back and was worn as an amulet. The mythological protection should thus be extended to the wearer.

Dimensions: 44mm heigth without acrylic base, 65mm height with base.

Condition: Outstanding condition. Strong patina. Glued and mounted on a modern acrylic block. Old sticker reading "41" at the bottom, probably inventory number from a previous collector.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2020 on the German art market. Previously in the German private collection G. Schl├╝ter. Acquired in the 1960ies or 1970ies, probably on the German art market.

References: Cf. Metropolitan Museum of Art, 04.2.411.

Literature: For the background of Horus the Child depictions see C. Andrews, Amulets of Ancient Egypt, p. 16.

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