Egyptian bronze figurine of Isis with Horus

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Isis is shown in a very typical depiction as a mother, the archetype of the later Christian Nursing Madonna. This bronze figurine comes from an old museum collection.
Object: Egyptian bronze figurine of Isis with Horus

Material: Bronze.

Period: Third Intermediate Period to Ptolemaic period of Ancient Egypt,
1070 BC to 30 BC.

Description:    Bronze figurine of Isis with Horus. The goddess is enthroned with the magnificent Hathoric crown. She hold her left breast and is nursing her son Horus. Her left hand supports the child's head. Horus is sitting sideways on the knees of his mother.

Background: The horned crown of Isis is reminiscent of a cow, an animal worshipped for its tender care for the calves. So the crown and obviously the nursing of the child show the goddess Isis in her role as a mother. This popular ancient Egyptian depiction was handed down in Christian iconography and lives on to this day in the Madonna lactans, the nursing Maria.

Dimensions: 11.5cm high without wooden base and without bronze pin under the base plate of the figurine. 12.5cm high with wooden base.

Condition: Good condition. One tip of the horned crown missing. Some corrosion on the surface. Mounted on a modern wooden base between the 1950ies and 1970ies. Red inscription "22.33" on the back of the figurine. White inscription "NEWARK MUSEUM" and "X53.126" (inventory number of the Newark Museum) on the back of the wooden base.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2020 from an US American auction house. Consigned by the US American Newark Museum of Art. The figurine was included in the museum collection in 1953 as inventory number "X53.126". It later became part of the educational lending collection. A museum card with notes on loans comes with the figurine.

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Literature: A good explanation of nursing Isis bronze figurines can be found in Madeleine Page Gasser's Götter bewohnten Ägypten, Bronzefiguren der Sammlungen Bibel+Orient der Universität Freiburg Schweiz, pages 67ff.

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