Egyptian bronze figurine of Ptah

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Object: Egyptian bronze figurine of Ptah

Material: Bronze. Casted.

Period: Late Period of ancient Egypt.
26th to 31st dynasty,
664 BC to 332 BC.

Description:    The small bronze figure shows the god Ptah in a typical representation. He stands upright as a mummified man. His hands hold a sceptre with zoomorphic head in front of his body. A broad collar sits around the neck, a cap on his head and a divine beard at the chin. Ptah stands on a trapezoidal base with pin for mounting at the bottom side.
Rare example of the not so widespread worship of Ptah. He was a main god in Memphis but had also minor functions in other cult sites across Egypt.

Dimensions: 61mm heigth without pin and modern acrylic base. 86mm height including modern base.

Condition: Outstanding condition. Colourful patina. With the original pin at the bottom side still intact, used to mount the piece in modern acrylic block. Old sticker reading "37" at the bottom, probably inventory number from a previous collector.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2020 on the German art market. Previously in the German private collection G. Schlüter. Acquired in the 1960ies or 1970ies, probably on the German art market.

References: Cf. M. P. Gasser, Götter bewohnten Ägypten, plate III and IV, as well as pages 25 to 28, no. 3, ÄFig. 1996.2.

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