Egyptian cowroid with nice decoration

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Object: Egyptian cowroid with nice decoration

Material: Steatite with remains of turquoise faience.

Period: New Kingdom of ancient Egypt,
18th to 20th dynasty,
circa 1550 BC to 1070 BC.

Description:    Seal in cowrie shape, called cowroid. A variant of the famous Egpytian scarabs. A drill hole along the long axis could be used to string the piece as an amulet. The upperside is decorated by a band around the body. The underside is engraved and the impression shows pseudo hieroglyphs. The amulet should give protection or good luck to its ancient Egyptian owner.

Dimensions: 15mm length.

Condition: Small chips and minor wear.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2013 from R. A. Hixenbaugh, USA. Previously in the collection of Edward Downe, USA (1962 to 2002). A sale by Spink & Son, London, UK in 1960 has been passed down as appearence of this piece in the antiquities trade. It is said to have come from the collection of George Denis Nash (1866 to 1943).

Literature: Richard H. Wilkinson, Egyptian Scarabs, Shire Egyptology (2008).

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