Egyptian frog lamp from an old German collection

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Object: Oil lamp, so-called "frog lamp"

Material: Red clay with patina

Date: 2nd - 4th century A.D.

Description:    Round body, narrowing towards the front. On the shoulder, two incised palm leaf branch patterns. The oil hole is surrounded by an incised line. The filling hole is separated from the body by an incised line. A ladder pattern on the reverse.

Size: Length 80 mm, width 79 mm, height 29 mm

Condition: Perfectly preserved, undamaged, decorated lamp. With sticker "röm. Lampe 1975 Tunesien" on the bottom ("roman oil lamp, 1975, Tunisia")

References: Compare Mlasowsky, Die antiken Tonlampen im Kestner-Museum Hannover (1993) Nr. 358
Compare Szentleleky, Ancient Lamps (1969) Nr. 218

Provenance: Acquired 2020 from the German private collection Stollenwerk. Inherited from German private collection Hildegard and Erich Charlier in 2019. Acquired between 1950 and 1980 at the European art market or from a private collection. Reported to have been found in Tunisia in 1975.

Mr. Erich Charlier (1923-2015), who had studied archaeology, was a passionate collector. Although he never travelled to Egypt himself, he felt deeply connected with ancient history and acquired a small collection of ancient antiquities. He also thoroughly documented all preserved information for each piece of his collection.

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