Egyptian painted panel with goddess Imentet

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Object: Egyptian painted panel with goddess Imentet

Material: Wood with white primer and polychrome painting in red, beige, yellow, blue and black.

Period: 25th or 26th dynasty,
circa 750 BC to 525 BC,
Late Period of Ancient Egypt.

Description:    The wooden panel was cut out as an almost rectangular piece. It is painted in several colours and shows a standing female figure with a tight-fitting dress and a wig. The arms are bent and raised on both sides. In the crook of each arm is a large key of life. A sun disc is adorning the head. There is also one filled and two unfilled black rectangles in the upper area.
It is a depiction of the goddess Imentet. The painting was once on the inside of a sarcophagus lid. This way, the goddess symbolically received the deceased in the underworld. The panel was later cut out of the sarcophagus lid.

Dimensions: The panel 66.4cm x 35.1cm. The frame 73.7cm x 42.6cm and 3.5cm deep.

Condition: Part of a sarcophagus lid. The cut out panel itself is in good condition, with the primer and paintwork very nicely preserved over most of the area. Modernly mounted in a black lacquered wooden frame, with an eyelet on the back for wall hanging.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2022 from the German Teubner family collection. Acquired into the collection in 1972 from Galerie Valentien in Stuttgart, Germany. Previously in a private collection.
This object has been searched for in the database of Art Loss, comprising more than 500.000 objects claimed stolen or lost. It also integrates the databases of Interpol and FBI. An Art Loss certificate comes with this artefact.

Publication: This panel is described and depicted in the exhibition and sales catalogue "Kunst aus Aegypten" der Galerie Valentien, Stuttgart, Germany, November 1972, object no. 4.

References: For a similar panel on the art market see Sotheby's London, auction "Ancient Sculpture and Works of Art", 6 July 2021, lot 121 (sold for 15,120 GPB, or approximately 17,500 EUR at the time).

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