Egyptian painted panel

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Object: Egyptian painted panel

Material: Wood with black, white and dark orange paint.

Period: Around 200 AD,
Roman Egypt.

Description:    Rectangular flat wooden panel with ancient painting on one side. It shows a frontally facing young man in a toga. The right arm is held in a small distance to the body. The rim of the panel is unpainted, because it was used to mount the piece in antiquity, probably by a wooden frame (cf. Mathews, The Dawn of Christian Art, Abb. 1.18). The rear side is unpainted.

Dimensions: 32.8cm x 13.9cm. 1.1cm thick.

Condition: The panel is in good condition. Large parts of the original paint are still present, some parts flaky and restored. Panel broken, rejoined and professionally restored at the shoulder. No paint at the rim where the panel was originally mounted. Small parts missing at the rim that were covered and not visible in antiquity. A loop has been attached to the rear in modern times to hang the piece on a wall. Inventory numbers from previous decades painted on the rear side in black and red reading "No. 2500", "N 1125", "N 3582", "M 8850", "N3566", "M8050". The overall impression is stunning, a fantastic testimony to Roman Egyptian painting that has been well preserved in Egypt's dry desert climate.

Provenance: Acquired in 2017 on the New York art market. Previously in a New York private collection. Acquired for the collection at Christie's, South Kensington, auction 2001 April 25th, lot no. 120A.
There is a copy of a letter by art historian Thomas F. Mathews from 2005. Mathews contacted the owner of the piece for his research funded by the J. Paul Getty Fund.

References: For a similar panel cf. Thomas F. Mathews, The Dawn of Christian Art in Panel Paintings and Icons (2016), fig. 2.5.

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