Egyptian predynastic cosmetic palette

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Object: Egyptian cosmetic palette with stilized bird heads

Material: Dark grey stone, greywacke or slate.

Period: Predynastic period of Egypt,
Naqada II,
circa 3500 BC to 3200 BC.

Description:    Flat cosmetic palette in the shape of a dagger. One side is pointy the other side has a wide rim with handle like attachment. Two stylized bird's heads are at each side of it. In between is a drill hole to string the palette. Slightly asymmetrical. A high quality object in an excellent state of preservation.

Background: Cosmetic palettes are characteristic for the Naqada culture that flourished in the Nile valley around the 4th Millenium BC. The culture was the seed for the well-known dynasties of ancient Egypt. Hard stone palettes were used to grind and mix cosmetic pigments. They were so precious to their owners that they often accompanied them into the grave. Cosmetic palettes with stylized figures at one end were in fashion during the middle Naqada period. That makes it possible to date this palette quite accurately.

Dimensions: 66mm long, 24mm wide, ca. 4mm thick.

Condition: Perfect condition. Grinding marks still visible at the surface.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2017 from the German private collection K. R. Into the collection from the German private collection R. F. M. Acquired in 2008 from Michael Betz gallery (a copy of the invoice is present). Previously in a German private collection that was built in the 1950ies and 1960ies.

References: Cf. Petrie Museum, no. UC4697, UC6037 and UC6039.
Cf. Metropolitan Museum of Art, 35.7.14.

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