Egyptian statue of Neith

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Nice striding bronze figurine of the Egyptian goddess of war, dating to the Late Period of ancient Egypt. From an old museum collection.
Object: Egyptian statue of Neith

Material: Bronze.

Period: Late Period of ancient Egypt,
26th to 31st dynasty,
664 BC to 332 BC.

Description:    Egyptian statue of striding Neith. The goddess of war stands on a base plate with her left foot forward. The right arm is pointing straight downwards, the left arm is slighly bent in front of the body. Neith wears the "red crown" on her head with two Uraeus snakes at the front top of the crown.

Dimensions: 13.4cm height of the bronze statue without wooden base or 18.3cm height including wooden base.

Condition: Very good condition. The double Uraeus is slightly detached from the crown but stable. The crown and headdress is hard to recognize because of the strong patina. The statue itself is intact and fully covered with a thick greenish patina with partial wear. Inscribed base "X43.159", Newark Museum inventory number.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2020 from an US American auction house. Consigned by the US American Newark Museum of Art. The statue was included in the museum collection in 1943 as inventory number "X43.159". It later became part of the educational lending collection. A museum card with notes on loans comes with the statue.

References: Cf. W. Hornbostel, Kunst der Antike, p. 76, no. 48.

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