Elamite horse rhyton

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Object: Elamite pottery vessel in the shape of a horse

Material: Pottery with red-brown coating.

Period: 8th to mid 7th century BC.
Neo-Elamite period,
Iron Age.
A thermoluminescence analysis by Oxford Authentication from 2014 dates the piece to the period between 1000 BC to 200 AD, supporting the period given by us above. A copy of the analysis report is available.

Description:    Large clay vessel in the shape of a horse, a horse rhyton. It has an ovoid body that rests on an oval base. At the top there is a long horizontal neck merging into a lowered horse's head, which also serves as a spout. A ridge on the neck represents the horse's mane. A cylindrical neck sits on the back of the vessel and opens to form a funnel. From there a handle runs in a quarter circle to a short tail on the back of the body.
The piece probably comes from the ancient city of Susa, in what is now the Iranian Khuzestan province in the southwest of the country.

Dimensions: 24.1cm length, 16.0cm height, 8.9cm width.

Condition: Almost perfect condition. On the lip of the vessel neck there is a chip and a small missing part has been restored, also a crack has been closed there. Smaller, not particularly noticeable chips on the body, but hardly any surface abrasion. There are drill holes on the underside and on the side of the head facing the body. They must be from the sampling for the TL analysis in Oxford. On the bottom there is an old sticker with the inscription "r.s.t.t.- 371". Inside the body is a note with print "IRAN, AZARBEIDZJAN approx. 1000 BC.".

Provenance: Acquired by us on the British art market in 2022. Previously owned by another British art dealer. Purchased from Cahn gallery in Basel, Switzerland in 2013. Previously in the Dutch Elias Vase Collection, acquired in the 1960ies or 1970ies.

References: Cf. Tehran National Museum, acc. no. 1329/3179.
Cf. National Museums Liverpool, acc. nos. 1967.216 and 1967.209.

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