Etruscan "a baule" type earrings

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Skilfully made pair of gold earrings with filigree. The ancient jewellery is from the Golden Age of the Etruscans around the 6th century BC.
Object: Pair of etruscan earrings of the "a baule" type

Material: Gold.

Period: 600 BC to 475 BC.
Archaic period and Golden Age of the Etruscans.
The characteristic type of earring can be well dated thanks to several examples with known find context. For this design specifically, there is a find from tomb N of the tumulo del Milinello in Asciano dating to 600 to 575 BC.

Description:    Skilfully made pair of gold earrings of the so called "a baule" type. An earring consists of a base plate bent in the shape of a horseshoe, which is divided into two fields on the outside by decorative bars. One field is adorned with a filigree stylized leaf decoration. The other field is separated into three subfields by two lines of drilled gold wire. Holders for a hinge and a locking pin are attached to the rear side or the locking side. Two brackets are in place that were once used to hang the piece of jewellery on the ear.
It is remarkable that the earrings have been preserved as a pair.

Dimensions: 8mm wide, 10mm long.

Condition: Very good condition. The earring bodies are fully intact including the filigree. The two bracket are present but attached in modern times by a kind of solder paste. The locking pins are missing. Belonging pair.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2020 on the German art market. Previously in the french collection A., acquired into the collection in 2015 from M. R. Previously in the french collection Sevigné that was built in the early 20th century.

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