Etruscan bronze figurine of a dancing Kore

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Object: Figurine of a dancing Kore

Material: Massive bronze

Date: 5th century B.C.
Etruscan, Umbria region

Description:    Woman standing upright with her left leg slightly to the front, arms expansively extended. The dancer is wearing a close-fitting chiton and a wreath made of leaves.
Etruscan votive figurine inspired by Greek examples. Fiesole group according to G. Colonna.

Size: Height without base 102 mm, with base 122 mm

Condition: Left arm broken and missing, otherwise fully preserved. Nice surface with smooth patina. With modern plexiglass base.

References: Compare G.H. Chase and C. C. Vermeule III, Greek, Etruscan and Roman Art, the Classical Collections of the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston 1963) pp. 193 and 205, Nr. 190
For Fiesole group: G. Colonna, Bronzi votivi Umbro-Sabellici a Figura Umana I, Periodo Arcaico (Florenz 1970) pp. 34 ff.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2020 from a Swiss auction house. Previously in the possession of Galerie Jean-David Cahn AG, Basel, Switzerland. Offered as lot 45 in the 2015 September 26th auction "Ancient Art / YC" of Cahn AG. From the estate of Wladimir Rosenbaum (1894 to 1984), Galleria Serodine S.A. in Ascona, Switzerland.

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