Etruscan bronze statuette of a youth

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Object: Figurine of a sacrificing young man

Material: Bronze with beautiful patina

Date: About 2nd century B.C.

Description:    Figurine of a young man, captured in an energetic movement with the left leg advancing. The right arm extends to the right and originally must have held a phiale, a bowl used for sacrifice. The left hand holds a bowl or pyxis. He wears a cloak loosely draped around his left shoulder and arm and leaving parts of the body naked, and a crown made of 7 large leafs on his head.

Dimensions: Height with base 142 mm, without base 122 mm

Condition: Right hand and right foot broken and missing, otherwise very well preserved. Beautiful olive-green patina. Mounted on a modern wooden base.

Reference: See M. Bentz, Etruskische Votivbronzen des Hellenismus (Olschki, 1992) p. 126 Kat. 33.6, plate XLV

Provenance: Acquired 2020 in a traditional German auction house. Ex private collection of the Swiss advocate and ancient arts collector and dealer Wladimir Rosenbaum, who acquired the figurine in 1965. After Rosenbaum passed away in 1984, the figurine passed into the collection S. Rosenbaum-Kroeber, Ascona (Switzerland). Since 1988 in Germany as part of the family heritage.

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