Etruscan bucchero oinochoe from Tarquinia

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Object: Etruscan Oinochoe
Ovoid jar with tre-foil mouth and flat handle

Material: Reddish clay with glossy black slip
So-called bucchero

Date: 7th century BC
Etruscan culture

Description:    Voluminous jar with discus-shaped base. Ovoid body decorated with three band of lines. Long cylindrical neck, large slightly tre-foil shaped mouth. Flat handle attached at mouth and shoulder.

Size: Height 20.1 cm, diameter with handle 13.7 cm.

Condition: Two thin holes in the body, about 1cm long. Four chips at mouth. Otherwise undamaged and perfectly preserved vase. Fine pottery with thin walls. The black bucchero slip is very well preserved, attractive patina.

Reference: Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. London, British Museum 7 IV.B.A. Pl. 22 Nr. 6

Provenance: Acqured 2018 from the German collection GrĂ¼ninger which was composed over several generations. Acquired 1959 at the German art market. Said to be found at Tarquinia.

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