Etruscan bucchero olpe found in Sezze area

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Object: Etruscan Olpe
Voluminous jug with high handle

Material: Clay with glossy black slip
So-called bucchero

Date: Last quarter 7th - first half 6th century BC
Etruscan culture

Description:    Voluminous slightly ovoid jug with small steep shoulder and broad, slightly concave neck. With high flat handle and ring-shaped base.

Size: Height 16.1 cm, diameter 11.2 cm (incl. handle).

Condition: Professionally restored, with merely small chips and wear. Very nice condition.

References: Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Budapest, Musee des Beaux Arts 1, 21-25, Pl. 2.7
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Parma, Museo Nazionale di Antichita 2, IV.B.BU.7, Pl. 5.9

Provenance: Acquired 2018 from the German private collection P. Schaefer. Inherited by Mr. Schaefer from his father, August Schaefer, who acquired the objects for his collection end of the 1950s in Augsburg (Germany) from Dr. Bruckner. Since then all objects have been located in Germany. Dr. Bruckner had acquired the objects end of the 1950s in Sezze (Latium, Italy) from a local farmer. All objects were said to have been found in Sezze area.

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