Etrusco-Corinthian bail amphora from Tarquinia

Object number
Object: Bail amphora

Material: Red clay with dark red slip

Date: End of 7th - early 6th century B.C.

Description:    Ovoid body, broad slightly concave neck with broad rim. On the rim a pulled-up bail handle for suspension.
Shoulder decorated with thick red band. Neck and body with geometric decoration friezes, above and below several thin circulating bands.

Size: Height 161 mm, diameter 85 mm

Condition: Three chips on lip, otherwise very well preserved. Painting in very good condition.

Provenance: Acquired 2021 from a German private collection. Inherited 2017 from the German collection I. Holtermann. Acquired August 12, 1967, at an ancient art gallery in Cologne, Germany. An inventory note from the collection reports the vase to have been found in Tarquinia.

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