Etruscan bucchero oinochoe from an old collection

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Object: Ovoid jar with trefoil mouth
So-called oinochoe

Material: Bucchero, dark clay with black slip

Date: Early 7th to first half of 6th century BC.
Etruscan culture

Description:    Large jar with ovoid body and trefoil mouth. The body is decorated with three and four carved lines. Steep shoulder with cone-shaped neck. High strap handle. Flat base.

Size: Height 232 mm, Diameter ca. 130 mm.

Condition: A part of the handle was broken out and professionally restored. Hair-line cracks at neck. Otherwise in very nice condition.

References: Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. London, British Museum 7 Pl. 21 No. 18
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Paris, Musee du Louvre 23, Pl. 6 No. 2, see description there for further references

Provenance: Acquired 2016 in a German auction house, ex private collection Tillmann from Rösrath near Cologne, acquired in this collection before 1970.

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