Extremely fine Julius Caesar denarius - elephant trampling on horned snake

Object number
Ruler: Gaius Julius Caesar

Rule: October 49 - March 15 44 B.C.

Value: Denarius

Material: Silver

Details: Diameter: 17 mm, weight: 3.84 g.
Military mint traveling with Caesar in Gaul, April - August 49 B.C.

Obverse: CAESAR
Elephant advancing right, trampling on horned serpent

Reverse: Simpulum, Aspergillum, Securis, Apex (emblems of the pontificate).

Condition Perfectly centered, extremely fine preserved with nice patina. Banker’s mark on obverse, rim possibly slightly rounded by edge smoothing.

References: Crawford 443/1; CRI 9; Sydenham 1006; BMCRR Gaul 27; RSC 49.

Provenance: Acquired 2022 at a US-American auction house specialized in ancient numismatics.

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