Extremely rare Celtic gold stater of Regni tribe

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Coined by: Regni tribe
The Regini, also known as Regni or Regnentes, were a Celtic sub tribe to the Atrebates, and were living close to the south coast of today's England, possibly centered around the city of Chichester

Value: 1/4 stater, "Wittering Rings" type

Material: Gold

Details: Diameter: 10.7 mm, weight: 1.19 g.
Found in Winterbourne, West Berkshire, UK. Mint about 60 - 50 B.C.

Obverse: Two parallel bands on a plain field flanked by two annulets.

Reverse: Horse prancing right with floral sun above, double ring below, star to the right.

Condition Very fine

References: E. Cottam, P. de Jersey, C. Rudd and J. Sills, Ancient British Coins (ABC), Aylsham, 2010, 623; BMC 371-3.
Extremely rare, the only one other issue of this coin which has been recorded by the PAS, struck by the same dies, was also found in West Berkshire (PAS reference SUR-11A824). Accompanied by a copy of the PAS report.

Provenance: Acquired 2021 in a UK auction house. Found by Brian Matthews in Winterbourne, West Berkshire, UK, in 2015. Registered at the Portable Antiquities Scheme with reference BERK-1FC826.

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