Gold earrings in the shape of a reed boat

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Object: Pair of gold earrings in the shape of reed boats

Material: Massive gold.

Period: Second half of the 2nd Millenium BC,
Late Bronze Age.

Description:    Matching pair of gold earrings. Each earring consists of a loop made of gold. The wire tapers into a simple wire at the ends, thickens towards the middle and is divided into two thick wires running side by side. This creates the impression of a double tube, or that of a raft made of bundles of reeds, which have existed in the Mediterranean since the Bronze Age. One might think of Thor Heyerdahl's adventure voyages with the papyrus boats Ra and Ra II.
The skilfully crafted jewelery consists of two earrings of exactly the same design, they were certainly originally belonging together. They were manufactured in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Dimensions: 15mm wide, 17mm or 19mm long respectively, including the curled ends. Approx. 6g of gold for both earrings together.

Condition: Perfect condition. A matching pair.

Provenance: Acquired by us on the German art market in 2020. Previously in the German private collection V. L. Acquired into it between 1925 and 1979 and located in Germany ever since. Parts of the collection were bought at the Swiss dealers Muenzen und Medaillen AG in Basel and Bank Leu in Zuerich.

References: For a similar earring but with only one "tube", see Metropolitan Museum of Art, acc. no. 74.51.3151 and British Museum, museum no. 1897.0401.133.

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