Greek clay figure of a seated woman

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Extraordinary condition for a delicate clay figure of this size and fragility. From an old German collection, acquired before 1961.
Object: Clay figure of a seated woman

Material: Brownish clay with white grounding

Date: 4th - 2nd century B.C.

Description:    Woman seating, both arms slightly bent at the elbows as if she were holding a musical instrument or a book. The chiton is drawn in a deep V over the knee. The back is flat with a round hole which was required for burning.

Size: Height 188 mm, width 75 mm

Condition: Very good condition, body fully preserved, only the object which the woman used to hold in the left hand is broken and missing. Otherwise only minor wear, the whitish grounding is partially preserved. Extraordinary preservation for a delicate clay figure of this size and fragility.

Reference: For the type, see e.g. J. Chesterman, Classical Terracotta Figures, 1974. Nr. 73, p. 67

Provenance: Acquired 2017 in a German auction house. Ex German private collection, acquired before 1961.

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