Greek terracotta head of a woman

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About 5th century B.C. From an old collection of a Frech engineer.
Object: Female head, so-called "doll head"

Material: Red clay

Date: About 5th century B.C., possibly slightly later

Description:    Head of a young woman with oval face and high forehead. Melon coiffure arranged in six sections. Hair tied into a knot at neck

Size: Height 54 mm with socket and 27 mm without

Condition: Stable crack running around the face. Small damage above the left eye. Otherwise very well preserved, mounted on a modern stone socket, on the socket bottom stickers "34" and "053 C".

Reference: G. S. Merker, The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore: Terracotta figurines of the classical, hellenistic, and roman periods. V. 18, P. 4, Princeton (New Jersey), 2000. C136, Pl. 14

Provenance: Acquired 2017 in a auction house. Ex private collection of the French engineer Mr. E., acquired 1974 at the auction house Hôtel Drouot, Paris, France. A note from the collector says that the lot of which this head was part was also depicted on the cover page of the auction catalogue, and that it was examined later in 1975 by the collector and ancient art dealer Jean-Loup Despras (Galerie Orient-Occident, Paris), however the expertise was unfortunately lost over the years.

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