Hellenistic gold earring with bull

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Elaborate earring with twisted band and plastic head of a bull. The piece dates to hellenistic times and was skillfully made of gold wire and sheet.
Object: Gold earring in the shape of a bulls head

Material: Gold.

Period: 4th cent. BC to 1st cent. BC,
Hellenistic to Greco-Roman times.

Description:    The earring is made of a hoop and a bulls head shaped main part. Gold wire with a square cross section has been twisted and bend to form the hoop. The plastic bulls head has been created in great detail using thin gold sheet. A loop is soldered to the top and bottom of the head.
Hoop and head do not belong together, appearently. They have probably been joined more recently during restauration works. The period stated relates to the head, the hoop seems to be ancient as well, but its simple shape does not allow narrowing down the period as much as for the head.

Dimensions: Approx. 25mm x 25mm.

Condition: Deformations and small cracks accross the bulls head. The hoop was attached rather recently and belongs to a different type of earring. The head might have belonged to a chain with bulls head terminals, orignally.

Provenance: Acquired in 2016 from M. Dollinger. Attained by her from the estate of the German private collection Fritz Rose. The Rose collection was established before 1986 by acquisitions during travels, probably starting in the 1960ies.

References: Cf. F. H. Marshall, Catalogue of the Jewellery Greek, Etruscan & Roman in the Departments of Antiquities British Museum, plate XXXII, no. 1830 and plate XXXVII, no. 1973.
Cf. H. Hoffmann und V. von Claer, Antiker Gold- und Silberschmuck, p. 118, no. 76.

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