Hellenistic miniature hydria

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Reported to have been found in Central Italy. Perfectly preserved, small vase. Acquired in 1965 at Hermann Zirkel Gallery in Cologne.
Object:        Small jar with two handles

Material: Red clay with dark red painting

Date: About 3rd - 1st century B.C.
Hellenistic period

Description:    Voluminous jar with small ring-shaped base and a steep shoulder which is separated by a waist from the short conical rim. With two small handles pointing slightly upwards. Body and rim decorated with red lines, handles painted dark red on in- and outside.

Size: Height 89 mm, diameter 83 mm without handles and 118 mm with handles

Condition: Perfectly preserved with original painting. Parts of surface with dense sediment layer. "98" written with pencil or dark pen on bottom.

Provenance: Acquired 2018 from the German family collection Bergweiler which was formed over several generations. Acquired by Ä. and P. Bergweiler Januar 09th, 1965 at Antiquitätenhandlung Hermann Zirkel, Cologne, Germany. Reported to have been found in Central Italy.

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