Hellenistic ornamental plate - Gorgon

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Object: Round ornamental plate with Gorgon

Material: Red clay with white grounding and traces of painting

Date: 3rd - 1st century B.C.

Description:    Round plate with head of Medusa (Gorgon) as a young woman in mezzo-relievo slightly looking to the right and framed by a round shield with aegis. Pierced for suspension.
Such plates were a speciality of 2nd century B.C. Sicily

Size: Diameter 20 cm - 21 cm, depth 7 cm.

Condition: Very good condition, professionally restored from several fragments. With traces of original painting.

Reference: See R. A. Higgins, Greek Terracottas (London 1967) p. 125 and pl. 59A (here with Eros)

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2018 from a traditional Munich auction house. Ex private Munich collection, acquired around 1976.

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