Hellenistic-Roman clay figurine of a standing woman

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Object: Figurine of a standing woman

Material: Red clay

Date: 3rd - 1st century B.C.
Hellenistic - Roman period

Description:    Figurine of a standing young woman, hollow inside. Right hand at the hip. The hair is thoroughly dressed, with thick locks falling to both sides.

Size: Height 148 mm, width 74 mm, depth 40 mm

Condition: Very good condition, only minimal wear. Surface nicely preserved, coming from a slightly worn mold. With note from Aloys Faust "Original Ägyptische Tonstatuette 2.-1. Jh. v. Chr., hellenistisch-Übergang zur römischen Zeit. [...]heit [...]1985" .

References: Compare Karageorghis et al., The Cesnola collection of Cypriot Art – Terracottas. New York, 2004. Nr. 377 (earlier)

Provenance: Acquired 2020 from the German private collection Dr. R. Schmidt. Acquired by his father, Dr. Diethelm Schmidt, in December 1985 from Aloys Faust art gallery, Cologne (Germany).

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