Large decorated Etruscian urn with lid - found in Orvieto

Object number
Object: Urn with lid

Material: Red clay with patina

Dimensions: Height without lid 34 cm, with lid about 44 cm. Diameter 28 cm.

Period: About 9th - 4th century B.C.
Iron age, Etruscan epoch

Condition: Professionally restored from several fragments, aóne small part missing.

Description: Bell-shaped urn with conical lid with knob handle. Flat base. Decorated with 6 bands formed by hand (with finger impressions).

Reference: For a similar piece, see Museo Archaeologico Nazionale di Orvieto, la necropoli di s. concordio, via squaglia, Lucca, 1982 excavation (7th - 6th century B.C.)
For the shape, see:
G. Gierow, The iron age culture of Latium II. Lund 1964, Taf. 169 Nr. 1; Taf. 178 Nr. 1; Fig 197.2

Provenance: Acquired 2013 in a German auction house. Ex Belgian (and before Dutch) private collection van der Aa, acquired in the 1960s.
Reported to have been found in Orvieto

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