Large Hellenistic bottle from Apulia

Object number
Object:       Large voluminous bottle

Material: Red clay with black slip

Date: About 3rd century B.C. - 1st century A.D.
Hellenistic epoch - early Roman Empire

Description:    Voluminous bottle with small ring-shaped base and a high thin neck separated from the body by a pronounced ridge.BR> Decorated with grooves, fully covered with black slip except for the reserved bottom.

Size: Height 236 mm, diameter 155 mm.

Condition: Excellent condition for a vessel of this size, undamaged, only minor chips and wear. With collection number "D14" written in white on the neck.

Provenance: Acquired 2020 from the German private collection U. Kabs, inherited in this 2019 from the German private collection Dr. K. Kabst. Acquired December 16, 1978, at Adolf Buch Antiquitäten, Kreuztal in Westf., Germany (copy of the invoice is preserved). Reported to have been found in Apulia region of Italy.

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