Large perfectly preserved Magna Graecia Lekythos

Object number
Object: Lekythos (oil vessel)

Material: Red clay with thick glossy black slip and sinter patina

Date: About late 5th - 3rd century B.C.

Description:    Voluminous body with broad flat shoulder. Ring-shaped base, high neck which opens onto a conical mouth cut flat on top. Flat handle.
Fully covered with metallic black slip, except for bottom.

Size: Height 208 mm, diameter 138 mm

Condition: Excellent condition, fully preserved. Thick and still glossy black slip. Interesting sinter patina.

Reference: Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Genova, Museo Civico d'archeologia ligure di Genova Pegli e collezione del castello d'Albertis 1, IV.E.G.5, Pl. 1.51

Provenance: Acquired 2020 from the German private collection A. Knorr. Inherited from his mother, E. Knorr, in 2013. Ms. Knorr inherited this cup and other ancient art objects in 1992 from Lieselotte Eichelmann from Herborn, Hessen, Germany. Before this, the objects have been in possession of Eichelmann family for 3 generations, after having been acquired by the grandfather of Ms. Eichelmann, Prof. Hans Rudolf Hartmann (1862 - 1946), who later called himself Hans Hartmann-MacLean. Prof. Hartmann-MacLean was a sculptor, medailleur and university professor at Dresden Art Academy. He most probably had acquired his collection during his study travels to Italy. Since then, the objects have permanently been in Germany.

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