Large phoenician terra cotta figurine

Object number
Object: Figurine of a standing man

Material: Red clay with white grounding and polychromic painting

Date 2nd half 5th century B.C.

Description:    The man, probably a worshipper, stands on a base and has his right hand raised in front of him. He is dressed with tunica and coat and wears a cap. In front of him a small bowl, probably for ritual offerings.

Size: Height 323 mm, width ca. 100 mm

Condition: Excellent condition. Figure perfectly preserved, white grounding and polychromic painting partially preserved. Very fine and detailed work. Attractive sea patina.

References: Gubel, Les Pheniciens et le monde mediterraneen (1986). Nr. 53
Nunn, Der figürliche Motivschatz Phöniziens, Syriens und Transjordaniens vom 6. bis zum 4. Jahrhundert v. Chr. (2000). Tf. 41, Nr. 142

Provenance: Acquired 2020 from R. Deutsch (Tel Aviv, Israel), exported with permit Nr. 542792 from Israel Antiquities Authority. Ex Israeli private collection Eli Ben-David, Jerusalem. Found in the 1980s in the sea near the city of Akko, Israel.

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