Large Roman marble head of a woman

Object number
Object:       Head of a woman

Material: Marble

Date: Ca. 1st - 2nd century AD
Roman Imperial era

Description:    The thick hair is parted in the center and drawn to both sides in soft waves. A stephane covers the top and back of the head. The face is a full oval, with almond eyes and a soft, small mouth.
This manner of wearing the front hair might be found at almost any time during the first century after Christ or in the early part of the second.

Size: Height without display 26 cm, with display 36 cm. Width 25 cm, depth 13 cm.

Condition: Very well preserved fragment of a larger group. Back side only crudely worked, surface with several chips. Stephane on the left side broken or crudely worked. Nose and chin broken and missing. Mounted on a modern marble base.

Reference: Evelyn B. Harrison, The Athenian Agora: Volume 1 Portrait Sculpture, 1953. Pl. 16, Nr. 22

Provenance: Acquired 2020 from Mr. R. Raymann, who inherited the head in 2019 from his aunt, Trude Raymann and her partner Kurt Ulrich Schmidt. Acquired by Trude Raymann and Kurt Schmidt around April 1987 from the antiquities dealer Helmut Liebert in Krefeld, the offer document from Mr. Liebert dating April 24, 1987, is preserved.

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