Massive bronze figurine of a bull

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Object:       Figurine of a standing bull

Material: Massive bronze

Date: 2nd -1st millennium 450 B.C.
Possibly Hattian or Hittite, or from 1st millennium B.C. Italy

Description:    Massive figure of a bull standing with legs slightly bent. Long tail, prominent horns and long head.

Size: Height 47 mm, length 64 mm.

Condition: Perfectly preserved, undamaged. Cleaned by a previous collector, thin brown-green patina. With label "73B £150" from Davies Antiques.

Reference: Compare A. P. Kozloff, Animals in Ancient Art from the Leo Mildenberg Collection (Cleveland 1981) p. 23 Nr. 8 for a very similar Hattian oder Proto-Hittite gold figurine

Provenance: Acquired 2017 from the German private collection M. Voos, inherited in this from the German private collection H. Herbst. Acquired for the Herbst collection in 1978 at Davies Antiques Gallery, London. A copy of the original invoice is preserved.

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