Massive Western Asiatic bronze lance head

Object number
Object: Lance head

Material: Massive bronze

Date: Late 4th - 2nd millenium B.C.
Bronze Age

Description:    Blade shaped as a triangular leaf with pronounced midrib. Massive central shaft and long thorn with quadratic cross-section, which was used to attach the blade to the wooden lance.
This lance head type appears in the late 4th millennium B.C. and was used in e.g. Iran, Anatolia and Syria in the 3rd millennium B.C., but also until the Early Bronze Age.

Size: Length 366 mm, width 30 mm

Condition: Excellent condition, complete and undamaged. Thoroughly cleaned, with nice dark patina.

Provenance: Acquired 2019 in a traditional Munich auction house. Ex French private collection which was built up in the 1960s.

Reference: H. Born and S. Hansen, Helme und Waffen Alteuropas. Sammlung Axel Guttmann. Vol. IX (Mainz am Rhein 2001) p. 93 Abb. 75 bottom row, center

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